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Wondlan Europe
   Wondlan has set up a European Showroom in Reisholzer Werft, Düsseldorf, Germany, which features convenient transport, professional service, elegant design, etc. The showroom includes Exhibition Area, Consultation Area and Rest Area.

Entrance of European Showroom

Address:Reisholzer Werftsr.76 40589 Dusseldorf GERMANY

  The Exhibition Area adopts simple and elegant decoration to match logo and products of Wondlan, and exhibits in the area are orderly classified and placed in two sectors to allow easy viewing. One sector is used to exhibit DSLR rigs and handheld stabilizers and the other is to show mini slider, Leopard Steadicams, etc.

Exhibition Area

The Consultation Area adopts careful design, using cinema chairs to create an atmosphere of movie watching; besides, exciting videos of Wondlan are also available for free watching.

Senior Product Advisor of Wondlan Mr. Carsten

Consultation Area

Wondlan APAC  

  Wondlan APAC head office is located at Hong Kong, China. Wondlan International Group started to expand the APAC market at 2008, found China Eastern Region at Nanjing and China Southern Region at Zhuhai at 2009, found China Northern Region at Beijing at 2010. Wondlan is offering amazing video equipments to the users at APAC and China market with his innovative ideas,leading design and exquisite workmanship.


         Wondlan APAC Region Head Office

 Wondlan International APAC Region Head Office Manager

James Wang

Wondlan International APAC Region Head Office Product Manager


  Wondlan International APAC Region Staff


There’s no interminable boring meeting and procedure at Wondlan, everyone at Wondlan is working in the equal comfortable harmonious working atmosphere, enjoy the achievability of work and grow with the top talent in the field of technique, product, design, etc. 

Wondlan International APAC Region Annual Meeting

Wondlan Factory  

Wondlan found factory in China at 2004.The factory has got the ISO9001 certificate, all the products are manufactured by CNC(machining center),which follow Wondlan’s constant international high-end quality standard.

Wondlan International factory office

Wondlan International factory manufacturing workshop